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Meikyuu Black Company is about a young man who was summoned by a cosmic black hole to another world and had to work as a laborer for a dungeon company to dig money, one day he and his colleagues suddenly found an ancient dragon. and that dragon is a loli.

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From the author of KONOSUBA comes a new light novel series! It's tough being on the front lines for an evil organization, and no one knows this better than No. 6, a Warrior for the Kisaragi Convoy. Sent to an alien world on a scouting mission, he has a new android companion, but he must plan an interstellar invasion - of a new world. how to imagine?!


The story revolves around Shinichi Kano, a genuine otaku with a novelist father and eroge game artist mother. He has no special talents other than his profound knowledge and understanding of moe. Despite this, the Japanese government has sent Shinichi as a moe evangelist for the Holy Eldant Empire, a parallel world. with the entrance located in a forest in the Fuji mountain region. In this fantasy world, Shinichi becomes best friends with a half-fairy maid named Myuseru and the young queen Petoraru. While he deals with the threat of war between factions, he is also concerned that he is an intruder (shinryakusha) into this magical world.


“Cells at work! Black" is based on the comic series "Cells at Work", with anthropomorphized red blood cells, white blood cells and many other cells in the body. “Cells at work! Black" is a story about cells that have to work in a body whose internal environment gradually becomes dark due to habits and pressures of unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking, smoking, and lack of sleep.


The story is about the underworld. Due to the explosion of the human population after the war and the increase of evil spirits, the underworld became overcrowded with dead people and faced the unprecedented problem of… a shortage of human resources. As the great King of Hell, Enma tried to solve this problem, but the truth was… it was his successful assistant who was behind all the problems. His name is Hozuki, the main assistant of the great Hell King Enma. This is the story of Hozuki's busy and exciting life in the underworld along with merciless scoldings for everyone and even… Pluto! The film is also a series of social satirical stories.


The story revolves around high school student Seiya Kanie, who claims to be a genius with good looks, intelligence and athletic abilities. On a Sunday, a mysterious transfer student takes him to an old abandoned park, Amagi Brilliant Park. And it all started..